Betsy // #bloomingstaffy Flower Crown Project

You might have seen my very special post on Facebook this morning, here. Incase you missed it:

It's finally here! The very first #bloomingstaffy from my very special Flower Crown project with Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue, bringing some of their long-term pooches into the spotlight, with a very Australian take on the trend, inspired by Sophie Gamand Photography, who is helping bull breeds the world over to break through their breed discrimination barriers with her incredible project.

Betsy // #bloomingstaffy

“I doubt she will sit still for you.” Said Betsy’s foster carer as we started to fit her crown of blooms. She looked fairly put out by the whole affair, begrudgingly taking treats and wobbling around on her butt, like a puppy trying to understand what ‘sit’ even means. Maybe everybody fussing over her was all too much, because once we took a step back and the camera came out…the magic happened. The catwalk stare, adjusting her pose ever so slightly between shots, huffing and puffing over all the hard work of sitting around looking downright adorable. She knew this was her time to shine. And she did. Well, besides the block-head knock to the open treat tin, sending them flying into the long grass, she was made for this!

Betsy is equal parts bold and serious, sweet and sassy, round-bellied and block-headed. She sure could do with some long-lasting fortune. Perhaps a family of her own?

Find out how to meet Betsy here:

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Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue and I will be introducing a new pooch every week, to the Flower Crown Project until we have shown off all eight of the current long-termers! Check back, like our Facebook Pages and help us to help them!

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