LABRADORABLE // Georgie the Chocolate Labrador

I met a very beautiful chocolate Labrador today, she is full of energy and kisses. A little unsure, and a whole lot of gorgeous. We took a walk to the park at the end of her street, and she couldn't sit still, there was too much to see, too much to sniff! What a treat! She soon found the food in my camera bag and after a few quick sits and stays, she had had enough of the modelling business, and we headed back to her foster home.

There she had a few quick breaks on the lounge, in between checking on what everyone in her family was up to, elsewhere:

Beautiful Georgie is currently available for adoption, through Retriever Rescue WA.

There are so many beautiful pets available for adoption and looking for their forever homes in Perth, don't forget to check out Pet Rescue, your new family member could be just a couple of clicks away.