A Pilbara Special - WA's very own breed of dog.

In Western Australia there is a special dog breed, most commonly referred to as a 'Pilbara Special', these stunningly gorgeous and completely unique dogs can be a mix of anything from a Jack Russell, to a Staffy, to a Wild Dingo - and everything in between. They're also some of the most precious, smart and endearing dogs you'll ever meet.

When they come into rescue, they generally fly down to Perth covered in red dirt, ticks in their ears, worms in their belly. Yet they have a eyes full of hope and a heart that could forgive anything.

We've even fostered a Pilbara Special at Animal Antics Photography HQ, and he still holds a special place in our hearts.

This week I met Charlie - a very sweet and gentle Pilbara special who was scooped up from the Rubbish Tip in our Northwest, as a tiny eight week old puppy, and flown straight into the loving care of Dog Adoption WA.

Charlie is now 2 years old and looking for his very own forever home. A common colouring to our Pilbara Specials is Charlie's beautiful golden tan. His look suggests Kelpie... Dingo... Who knows what else, and we could be totally wrong. But one thing I could guarantee? Charlie will thrive in a home where he can be, just what he is: Gentle, quiet, sweet and innocent.

Charlie - Rescue Dog Photography in Perth
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Charlie - Animal Antics Photography Perth
Charlie - Animal Antics Photography Perth Pet Portraits
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Could your home be the one Charlie is looking for? Contact Dog Adoption WA if you'd like more information on Charlie, or any of the dogs they have in their care.

If you'd like to organise photos just like these of your own dog, don't hesitate to contact me.