Chase | The Ultimate Velvet Hippo

Something I can't get out of my head when I spot the most velvety looking staffy or bully breed dog... A Velvet Hippo, I know you know what I mean. They waddle a little, they are usually well-fed and just a little round from the back... and FULL OF LOVE. No one breed is my favourite dog to photograph, but a staffy smile NEVER disapoints! 

Chase was no exception. So many angles, so much cute. 

You cannot disagree.... right? Chase is as sweet as pie, and looking for a home of his own right here in Perth.  Check out Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue over on Facebook and you might just be the family Chase is looking for. 

Chase has recently had surgery, check out the link here, to read more and if you have a few dollars, donate! He'll thank you in big sloppy virtual kisses. 

Silver (&) Bullet // Fun in The Park

A neighbourhood park in Willagee, and two of the cutest little Chihuahuas you ever did see? I'm in! 

Silver and Bullet were excited about their walk, not so excited about sitting still for photos. They would have preferred to be running around and chasing the birds (that are about their size!). Though in between their bursts of energy, I managed to snap these: 

Don't be fooled, these little monkeys wouldn't pay more than a second's attention to me..... I'll be sharing some before and after's very soon to show you some sneaky secrets in my editing. It's all about showing off how beautiful our pets are, right?!

Be sure to get in touch with the amazing team at Perth Chihuahua Rescue Inc, here


Bella & Joffrey // An Unlikely Couple

Perth Chihuahua Rescue never backs down from a challenge, if you follow them on Facebook (and you should!), you'll know this. 

From the neglected and abused, to the pregnant and dumped - they'll step up for our little Chihuahua friends over and over. So when Joffrey, a two year old Chihuahua in less than ideal condition, and his best friend Bella - a Shihtzu x came knocking on their doors, they flung them open of course... and here they are: 

Just beautiful, aren't they? With a lot of love and kindness, plus many a snack and some training - these two rascals are blooming into the dogs they've always wanted to be. 

If you're looking for a pair of gorgeous lap-sized companions, get in touch with Perth Chihuahua Rescue, here


Pimu's Mini Session Gallery // Smart Park, Spearwood with Animal Antics Photography

Pimu was definitely the star of the show at our sunny morning shoot recently, at Smart Park in Spearwood. 

The face of a model, and the personality too. Point the camera and the 'blue steel' comes out. Walk away, and she cracks a smile. Thanks Pimu. We tricked you a few times though! 

Here are just some of the images from the day: 

Pretty cute huh?!


And Then There Were Four. . .

Rosie the Chihuahua joined the wonderful team at Perth Chihuahua Rescue Inc. last month after a big long drive from the south of Western Australia. 

Just last week, Rosie gave birth to three heavenly little puppies... and I got to meet them! 

Yeah, I know. Lots and lots of shots... but how could I not?! This will be darling Rosie's very last litter of puppies now that she is with an awesome rescue team. She will spend lots of weeks nurturing these gorgeous pups and then she will find a home of her own! 

Support Perth Chihuahua Rescue Inc. HERE & be sure to share this post with your networks to show off these gorgeous puppies! Everyone deserves to see these little bundles of amazingness!